We are hosting a vendor event where you can browse many items from handmade soaps, dream catchers, beef jerky, metal work, wood work, children’s boutique clothes, jewelry and much more!
A collection of around 200 sewing patterns of various brands, dating from the late 1940s to the 1970s. Of these, around 80 remain uncut.$1 each for the uncut patterns$.25 each for the cut patternsOr $60 for the lot
Book binding system. Bind books, spiral notebooks, albums, etc. used once. Like new.
Turquoise, white, coffee, teal, green, yellow, silver, purple, navy blue, lime green, gold, burgundy, bright rose, brick, black, beige...ug
For sale is a hand stenciled fabric picture by artist Madonna Ferguson. Please Google for more info on artist. This unique piece measures 13 x 17 inches framed. On the back is its COA signed by the artist. It is numbered 35 of 250. First thirty takes home.
For sale is a watercolor signed Divens. This piece is well painted and intricate with the two birds sitting on a pail hanging from a facet. $25.00 owns
For sale is a signed and numbered lithograph by artist Virgil Thrasher. It measures 28.5 x 22.5 inches in its original frame. On the back is its COA. This great piece is titled West Tree line. Its is numbered 25200. First $25.00 owns
For sale is and etching of Princeton by artist Louis Conrad Rosenberg for the Princeton Print club. Great info online about both. This print is signed and numbered with pertinent info taped of back. This fine piece measures 14.25 x 14.35 inches framed. Forty bucks owns this unique artwork.